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'Photography of the Spectacular'

'Photography of the Spectacular' exhibit opens today at bG Gallery.

#MyDrought: What does drought look like to you?

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Around the world in a day

See the world in one day on Instagram through The 24 Hour Project.

Inside San Bernardino's deserted airport

Inside the brand new, empty San Bernardino International Airport.

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Inside California's largest church supplier

Ever wondered where California's churches buy batch items like communion wine? Photos inside family-owned Cotter Church Supplies Inc.

'Life After Pi'

When Rhythm and Hues won the 2013 Oscar for visual effects, what many didn't realize was that the company had filed for bankruptcy two weeks earlier.

See how SoCal recycles its raw sewage

What may sound like the ugliest place in SoCal is actually very beautiful: Orange County's Groundwater Replenishment system, where toilet waste is turned into tap water.

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