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Grooming Racehorses for the Big Day


The Kentucky Derby only last 120 seconds, but getting the horses to the starting gate is a round-the-clock job.

This is the high season for horse trainers in Southern California.

Each season, dozens of horses travel the circuit. We went behind the scenes with one group of horses.

In April, the horses Cerin Racing Stables traveled from Santa Anita to Hollywood Park. In July, they will head to Del Mar.

Stable owner and trainer Vladimir Cerin opened his stables 33 years ago. Cerin and his staff train and look after 50 racehorses.

That takes a lot of work. Everyday before sunrise, trainers bring feed buckets to the racehorses at Cerin Stables for the first meal of the day.

Exercise riders take the place of jockeys. Each morning, they take horses out for a run on the track to keep them in shape for race day.

Groomers bathe the horses, clean their stalls and give each a bag of hay to snack on. Then they repeat it all again the next day.

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