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A decade ago Neil Harbisson could only see in black, white and grey. Now he can hear hundreds of colors, even some we can't see.

Harbisson was born with achromatopsia, a hereditary disorder that causes complete colorblindness.

In 2004, he helped to develop a device that would translate colors into different sound frequencies. He can see ultraviolet and infrared light.

Neil Harbisson is the first in the world to be recognized as a cyborg; his passport photo includes the antenna attached to his head.

Harbisson spoke with KPCC's AirTalk.

Director, producer and editor Rafael Duran Torrent tells Harbisson's story in the documentary, "Cyborg Foundation." Check out the trailer:

Neil Harbisson, who is a former music student, made the musical accompaniment for the film. He has spent time listening to famous faces -- Prince Charles has a nice sound to him.

His favorite space to experience is the supermarket.

Harbisson creates art based on his perceptions, like color diagrams of songs and this "sonochromatic" portrait:


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