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The real stars of Los Angeles

How would the night sky look if we could turn off all the lights?

Photographer Thierry Cohen reveals the starscapes of Los Angeles and other global cities  without the light pollution of humanity in his project Darkened Cities

How does Cohen manage to turn out the lights?

He shoots a cityscape, then travels (sometimes thousands of miles away) to a desert and shoots in the same direction at the same latitude and sidereal time.

The resulting photograph of stars should match the exact view from that city at that time. He then merges the two images to create his version of cities without light.    

“The best way to show the stars that are no longer [visible from the city] is to simply put them back in their place,” Cohen said

Cohen has traveled the world to photograph Los Angeles, New York, Hong Kong, among other cities, to bring unobstructed views of these city skies. 

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