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Jackie Treehorn's Beverly Hills Pad

From filming the Big Lebowski to a naked photo shoot with Pamela Anderson, the Sheats Goldstein Residence in Beverly Hills has seen it all. 

The man behind the home is also a sight to behold. James Goldstein sits court side at Lakers games in sparkly designer jackets and alligator leather hats from top European designers.

When Goldstein bought the property 40 years ago, the home was in disrepair and he worked closely with John Lautner, the original architect and a modernist Southern California hero, to get it back into shape.

Today, Lautner's original vision of spaces that fluidly move between the natural world outside and the modern interiors is still intact; glass roofs and windows open back into the kitchen, dining room and bedrooms to let the L.A. breeze in.

To jog your memory, here's the clip from The Big Lebowski (in Italian, because it's the internet).

Listen to Patt Morrison's interview with Goldstein on KPCC's Off-Ramp for the full scoop. 

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