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Facing Deportation

David Harriman documents the undocumented.

Some border crossings happen in the comfort of an air-conditioned car. But for others, the journey north comes with deadly consequences.

Harriman has come into contact with migrants making the trek north while photographing landscapes along the U.S.-Mexico border, where the journey ends for many of them.

Harriman set up a makeshift studio at the Mariposa port of entry to create Mariposa, portraits of those who have been apprehended and deported to Mexico.  

Harriman says of Mariposa:

The irony of the name of the crossing Mariposa (Butterfly) seemed to perfectly evoke the plight of those wishing to cross and seek a life elsewhere, only to be returned. Whilst animal life crosses this line with impunity, the consequences for humans is altogether different."

He started this series in 2008 and gives everyone he photographs a polaroid keepsake to take with them.

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