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The donkey caravan of Angeles National Forest

There are cabins above Los Angeles where almost everything their residents need comes in on the back of a donkey.

In 2001, the store's owner Deb Burgess fell in love with the historic cabins that are a 4.5-mile walk into the Angeles National Forest. She didn't realize that love affair would turn her whole life upside down.

Burgess bought one cabin because she loved the remote location; there are no vehicular roads that lead to 80 remote homes.

Five years later, Burgess decided to buy the Adam's Pack Station, which came with a cozy general store, a two-bedroom cabin and a pack of donkeys to bring supplies to cabin residents.

Burgess had no packing experience, but decided she was up to the challenge.

In the first month of her donkey pack tenure, one of her donkeys tripped and brought the caravan down the mountain all together. The animals had to be helicoptered out.

Since then, Burgess has devoted herself to learning more about the animals and packing techniques. Today, her packing rides are a lot smoother, but raising enough money to support her new lifestyle is still difficult.

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