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SIGNING DAY - A Documentary Film (2014)  Official Trailer #1 [HD]

After years of chasing scholarships, high school football players in L.A. and beyond will finally sign with colleges on Wednesday.

But the odds were against them.

Filmmakers Claytor Fowler, a sportswriter in L.A., and Mark Schoellkopf followed three high school seniors in SoCal chasing dreams of playing college football.

Their stories come together in the pair's documentary, "Signing Day."

As one player puts it, getting to the college level is no longer a dream – it's a competition.

Fowler and Schoellkopf say about 2,500 full-ride Division I scholarships are awarded every year. About 300,000 high school seniors play football in the country.

"It's just extremely long odds and it's an unforgiving process," filmmaker Mark Schoellkopf said. "There's just a lot of ways that it can go wrong."

Fowler and Schoellkopf followed the players from the beginning of their senior season in 2010 to National Signing Day in 2011.

Each teen took a different path, including a player named Aaron who transferred schools in the middle of his senior year:

Having grown up together in Texas, Claytor Fowler and Mark Schoellkopf have known each other since preschool.

Schoellkopf does post-production work in the movie industry.

Fowler is a sportswriter for the Los Angeles Newsgroup and has seen on a daily basis what high school football recruiting looks like in Southern California.

At first, Schoellkopf tried to convince Fowler to write a book about it. But then they started to talk about a documentary.

"It wasn't very real at all the first time we talked about it," Fowler said.

Over time it started to sound more feasible. Neither had very much experience with a camera, so they tried to shoot as much as possible.

The two ended up with almost 200 hours of footage.

"Signing Day" is currently in post-production and they're hoping to release it later this year.

Fowler and Schoellkopf plan to launch a Kickstarter later this month, with funds going to pay for original music composition and graphics for the film.

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