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Panama Canal: A Transit in Timelapse

Very few of us will ever see where the things we buy come from.

The shipping industry is super-sizing. Ports like those in Los Angeles and Long Beach are growing to keep up with bigger ships and hyper-speed global trade.

Filmmaker Michael A. Mariant placed 10 cameras at 8 different locations to record the journey through the Panama Canal and edited the journey down to five minutes.

He denotes key transit points along the way to guide you from the Pacific to the Atlantic.

This video first caught our eye when it was published on Aeon Film, a new video channel from Aeon Magazine.

Aeon is publishing great long-form documentary and web video. They now have a channel full of thought-provoking and beautiful imagery.

Another film published recently to Aeon beautifully memorializes the relationship between Carl Sagan and the love of his life as they planned the golden record that would travel to the outer limits of our solar system on Voyager.

That tale was the center of a great Radiolab story on the same topic. Their version is also definitely worth a listen.

We like Aeon Film so much that we collaborated with them on the most recent AudioVision episode about the oldest trees on Earth and new threats they face.

Aeon Senior Editor Ross Andersen wrote a beautiful essay on bristlecone pines and their battle with the forces of climate change.

We worked with him to adapt his essay for video and met him up in the White Mountains for a recording session.

If you haven't seen the video yet, you can watch it on the Aeon Film channel or right here:

While you're at it, take some time and look at the rest of the films Aeon has published in the last few months since launch.

We promise they'll make you smarter. We can't say the same about your television.

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