From Southern California, public radio for your eyes.

See how SoCal recycles its raw sewage

It's the last place in Southern California you'd think would be beautiful.

But from the bright blue pipes to the endless rows of pressure vessels, the Orange Country Groundwater Replenishment System is a sight to see.

The 24-acre facility is where Orange County's sewage water is recycled back into tap water. Millions of gallons of water are purified here each day.

Becky Mudd, Orange County Water District's tour coordinator, took me around the facility.

Last year, Mudd led 200 tours – which included everyone from college students to officials from Southern California and around the world.

Mudd said she likes seeing the place through so many different eyes. Last week, she guided a filmmaker who was blown away by the surreal sounds from inside the plant.

The high-pitched hums of the 1,250 horse-power motors sound like booming crickets. The echoing howl of water zooming through metal pipes is ominous, something out of "Lost."

Even the skylights inside the pump station are placed directly above each motor, hitting them like spotlights.

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