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Inside California's largest church supplier

Sixty six years ago, Ted Cotter moved from Ireland to Los Angeles and opened a church supply store from a rented room in a Long Beach house.

Now Cotter Church Supplies Inc. is California's largest church supplier, with four stores in Central and Southern California.

They sell just about everything Catholic-related: hundreds of different kinds of rosaries, even special-order Italian-made sculptures.

The store is one of the only places where California churches can buy high volumes of communion wine and host (sacramental bread). The wine comes from an in-state winery and the bread is made at a single factory in Connecticut.

Sons Mike, Pat and Tim Cotter now co-own and run the store together.

Mike Cotter said they try not to get too kitschy, but they sell keychains, picture frames, pins, books and lots of other items, too.

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