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Inside San Bernardino's deserted airport

Walking into a brand new, completely empty international airport is surreal.

From check-in kiosks to baggage conveyors, the two-terminal San Bernardino International Airport is ready to take in passengers and flights now.

The problem so far is, no airliners have shown up to use it.

Everything about San Bernardino's $200 million airport looks as expected: signs thank passengers for visiting the Inland Empire and computer monitors stand ready to print tickets.

But without the bustle of hurried passengers and boarding calls over loudspeaker, it's like entering a time warp.

It immediately reminded me of "The Langoliers," a novel by Stephen King that takes place inside an empty airport trapped in a "time rip" where there are no humans.

The book became a TV mini series with 1990's computer graphics:

Here's an aerial view of the international terminal while under construction:

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