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Tour the massive factory where sample ballots are made

We get them in the mail and think nothing of it.

There's actually a lot of work that goes into printing sample ballots.

Right now, 5.3 million sample ballots are being printed at Merrill Corporation's La Mirada printing facility for Los Angeles County's June 3 primary election.

What complicates things is county ballots aren't all the same. In LA County there are 300 different versions, depending which district lines each neighborhood falls into.

To add to the complexity, L.A. County ballots are printed in nine different languages other than English.

Los Angeles County Sample Ballots Printing

The massive printing facility sits in La Mirada's collection of warehouses, right next to American Apparel's distribution center.

Columns of paper rolls tower above employees working the printing presses. They look like giant individually wrapped toilet paper rolls.

Los Angeles County Sample Ballots Printing

Parts of the printing facility feel more like a painter's studio: employees' cuticles are stained black, ink splatters and dirty rags that cover worktables.

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