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The Peacocks of Palos Verdes

There are usual neighborhoods filled with animals like raccoons and squirrels. But what about peacocks?

In the rural and eclectic Palos Verdes Peninsula there are hundreds of peafowl roaming streets and roofs.

The peacocks have come to be a part of the peninsula's identity and daily lives of homeowners in the peninsula city Rolling Hills Estates.

If it weren't for a single moment in Southern California history, these birds wouldn't be here.

According to Mary Jo Hazard, author of "The Peacocks of Palos Verdes," the Baldwin family in Arcadia came across the exotic birds while traveling in India. Hazard said that about a century ago, someone from the Baldwin family gifted Palos Verdes founder Frank Vanderlip with 12 Indian peacocks.

Now, there are hundreds.

Some residents love the peafowl and some wish the city would take more control.

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