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First Person: cycling saved Carlos Morales' life

First Person: "I got on my bike to save my life"

In June 2008, Carlos Morales co-founded the Eastside Bike Club with eight friends.

Now 54, Morales says at the time he weighed 400 pounds, and his doctors told him "they'd done everything they could."

Today, the club has 400 members, and Morales is much lighter - and healthy. "The street became our gym," he says. "We were the first bike club in northeast Los Angeles," says Morales.

He talks about kids coming out of housing projects to watch, since "they don't see this in our neighborhoods." He believes that the bike club can inspire young people to stay out of gangs and away from drugs: "It's healthy,  it's green, it's clean - can't beat it!"

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