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First Person: Bill Brown

First Person: A love affair with dance

For the last 32 years, Bill Brown has been teaching dance classes almost every day at Studio A in Silver Lake. 

"I stay youthful by keeping a good spirit and moving every day," says the 61-year-old Brown. "Dancing offers spirituality, physicality, and it also gets you thinking a lot too — just memorizing choreography."

On a recent morning, he's dressed in his usual head-to-toe black getup and dripping in sweat. "Let's get funky," he yells to the class as the song "That's Not My Name" by the Ting Tings begins.

The class is called The Gamut; it starts with slow stretching and progresses to hardcore cardio before ending in yoga and meditation. The most impressive part? Bill is among the youngest in the class. The oldest dancer this day is 81.

"The students in The Gamut are mostly ladies of the community who are a little older than what you'd expect for a class that's so hardcore," he says. "But they've been coming here for years — so they've kept up with me."

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