From Southern California, public radio for your eyes.

This Is AudioVision

Welcome to AudioVision, our little corner of the Internet for exploring the world through images from Southern California and beyond.

This site has three hosts, Mae Ryan, Grant Slater and Maya Sugarman. We post extra delights to Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook. We play around on Instagram, too.

As photojournalists, we approach people in public nearly every day and ask to take their picture.

This conversation always begins with some version of the phrase, "My name is Grant, and I'm a photographer for public radio." Nine times out of 10, the reply comes with a confused look: "How do you take pictures for the radio?"

The short answer is "for the website." But there's a longer version of this conversation, and it goes to the heart of what public radio does for listeners.

Public radio is not a number on your radio dial. It's not even about radio.

Public radio is an ethos. It's a way of viewing the world with curiosity and care. It's about making your life better through stories big and small.

You know what that sounds like. You hear it on public radio stations across the country every day. But what does it look like? AudioVision is our attempt to find out.

The digital world we've created is a place exploding with eye candy, visual distractions that make getting anything done a near impossibility.

In the same way that public radio filters the news of the day and brings you just the best, AudioVision will help you sort through the cacophony of cat videos.

We constantly look to the online world for inspiration, and we'd like to share that inspiration with you, alongside our work from Los Angeles and beyond.

Southern California is the capital of global visual culture. This is the place where billion-dollar blockbusters get made, the place where YouTube studios are popping up to challenge the traditional tastemakers of Hollywood and the place where art, music, fashion and photography make the jump from niche to mainstream.

Those ideas may start elsewhere, but all roads eventually lead to Los Angeles.

Southern California itself is one of the most diverse regions on the planet. We live here. We'll show it to you.

Here's what you can expect to find on AudioVision.

  • We'll bring you photos from Southern California and beyond. We'll talk with image makers doing captivating work and share their work with you.
  • Web video is evolving rapidly. We're part of that change, and we keep close tabs on new and inspiring work. We'll watch videos from across the web so you don't have to and point you toward those that will inform and inspire you. Los Angeles is ground zero for the YouTube revolution and we're keeping close eye on the best. 
  • Photography is undergoing a social revolution that is democratizing both the tools of the trade and the distribution of photography. There's never been a better time to be a photography addict, but the photos come in torrents. We'll enrich your life by steering your Instagram feed to new places. And we'll give you the smarts to take better photos yourself.

We have a big basket full of ideas, and we hope you'll stick with us as we try some of them out.

We view photography these days as a conversation. We want to see your photos as much as we want to show you ours.

We work with Instagram Lovers Anonymous to hold a monthly Instagram Challenge on a theme, and we have more activities in the works.

You can always tag any photo on Instagram #KPCC, and we'll find it. For your captures with bigger cameras, you can submit photos to our Flickr pool. We'll pick our favorites and use them on this site.

Thanks you for taking the time to explore AudioVision, and we look forward to seeing where you'll take us. Let us know what you think by emailing us or commenting on our Facebook page.

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