From Southern California, public radio for your eyes.

About AudioVision

AudioVision brings you the best in visual journalism and culture from Southern California. We share the stories of our community through photography, video, audio and social media.

AudioVision is edited by the visuals team for Southern California Public Radio, the second-largest public radio affiliate in the nation. We are photographers, videographers, radio journalists and writers. Our team has roamed Southern California since 2011, making pictures for radio.

Here at AudioVision, we also scour the web for visual delights from Southern California and beyond. We search for stories that tickle your brain as much as your eyes. We are public radio, visualized.

What is Southern California Public Radio?

Southern California Public Radio is a member-supported public media network that operates 89.3 KPCC-FM in Los Angeles and Orange County, 89.1 KUOR-FM in the Inland Empire and 90.3 KVLA in the Coachella Valley.

SCPR's mission is to strengthen the civic and cultural bonds that unite Southern California's diverse communities by providing the highest quality news and information service through radio and other interactive media.

AudioVision Editors

Maya Sugarman

Maya grew up in Oakland and started making pictures while roaming the San Francisco streets as a high schooler with a film camera. She made her way to Los Angeles to paint, sculpt, and draw while studying art at UCLA. She took up journalism at her college paper and went on to work at a few nearby newspapers. When she's not making pictures, Maya makes art on a printing press, and likes ketchup on her tacos.

Maya Sugarman

Benjamin Brayfield

After growing up in Southern California, Benjamin moved to the rural Oregon Coast in 2009 to begin his journalism career in newspapers. He learned to gain the trust of the communities he covered and create a visual representation of unique human-interest stories. In 2012 he moved to Rapid City, S.D., to explore rural America and report on Native American issues. Along the way Benjamin learned set dungeness crab traps, herd cattle, dig a a vehicle out of a ditch and pick wild gourmet mushrooms.

Benjamin Brayfield